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Friday, February 29, 2008

Suri's Strange World?

I was in the gym 2 days ago and noticed an issue of Star Magazine. The cover story is "Suri's Strange World." According to the article, what makes Suri's world strange is that

1.) She doesn't watch television - Why let television raise your kid? Why enable a child to become a couch potato?

2.) She doesn't eat Happy Meals - So what if she doesn't eat Happy Meals? Childhood obesity is what's hot in the streets?

3.) She takes herbs rather than pharmaceutical drugs - So what if she takes herbs? Pill-popping isn't for everyone. If herbalists had a lobby, would this be an issue? If you didn't need a pill for headaches, body aches, constipation, depression, sleeplessness, energy, weight loss, appetite loss, confidence, tight shoes, or bullies, would this be an issue?

4.) She has Scientology play dates and most of her friends are Scientologists - This I don't like but, many people do a poor job of teaching their kids about diversity and tolerance.

Other than number 4, what's really wrong with her upbringing? I'm mad that they had a "cult expert" weighing in on this topic. Please. Is it a cult when members of older religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) act the same way?

It's not as though Suri's another Nixzmary Brown. This is ridiculous.


Suri's a pretty little girl.


Professor Tracey said...

Awesome post and it cracked me up!!!!

Anonymiss said...

Thanks. I'm just amazed at the flack they catch because of their religion.

Britney's kids are much worse off than Suri. I hope others can see that.

Kirsten said...

I know this is almost a year old, but I wanted to address what you've said here. I agree, Suri's not in any terrible environment, though I would of course trust medicines for my children rather than simple herbs, which can contain any number of pesticides and toxins.... But this is about the last statement.

Scientology is worse than a cult. It has destroyed the lives of countless people, and all for money. Don't believe me? If someone in their church (or not in their church, for that matter) displeases them, they can give them the status of an enemy, enacting a 'fair game' clause. That means exactly what it sounds like - any member of the church of Scientology is free to physically, emotionally, or financially harm the individual, and they need not fear any retribution.

They can physically harm them, destroy their entire lives.

Have you ever seen the ShamWOW commercials? That guy, Vince, used to be a Scientologist. He also used to be an up-and-coming filmmaker. He even got Slash to star in the film he made. Unfortunately for him, the church of Scientology didn't like his movie. So they destroyed him, completely and utterly. He lost his job, all of his friends were Scientologists, so he had no social life, nowhere to turn, and they called fair game on him. They had a court trial in the church, and he couldn't defend himself because they didn't even tell him what he was being accused of. So he got a job selling vegetable choppers. He got promoted a few times, and now he's selling ShamWOWs.

Not to mention all the people that have literally died at the hands of scientologists. It's not a religion. It is a cult. They may not be living in compounds in Waco or drinking poisoned kool-ade, but this is a cult, and it is deadly.

Anonymiss said...

Hey Kirsten,

I'm sure it exists (like with the aforementioned religions) but I've never heard of any extreme behavior coming out of Scientology until now.

I'm not a fan of their stance on psychology but I can't forget to note the views on psychology from other religious groups. I also can't forget to note the extremely barbaric behaviors of the aforementioned religious groups (e.g., American chattel slavery, European colonialism, South African and Palestinian apartheids, Spanish Conquest, the nearly successful extermination of Indigenous people, etc.)

If we're going to be critical of Scientology, we've gotta be fair and look at other religions as well.

Thanks for the info on Vince. I never knew about his past.