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Friday, February 15, 2008

Today's Jackass of Spades --- Ann Coulter: "Obama wouldn't be running if he were not half-Black"

The gift and curse of free speech:

MSNBC hosted Coulter and highlighted, without challenge, her assertion that
Obama "wouldn't be running ... if he weren't half-black"

Summary: MSNBC
hosted right-wing pundit Ann Coulter to discuss the 2008 presidential race less
than 24 hours after she repeatedly referred to Sen. Barack Obama as "B. Hussein
Obama" and "President Hussein."

Less than 24 hours after she repeatedly
to Sen. Barack Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" and "President Hussein,"
right-wing pundit Ann Coulter
appeared on the February 14 broadcast of MSNBC News Live to discuss former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (AZ). During her appearance, on-screen text highlighted her February 8 assertion in a speech she made to the Young America's Foundation that Obama "wouldn't be running for president if he weren't half-black." The on-screen text read:

Last week, she also noted that Obama's first accomplishment was being born half-Black:

On February 8, less than 12 hours after her appearance on NBC's Today
show, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter delivered a speech to the Young America's
Foundation in which she referred to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (IL) as "B. Hussein Obama" and asserted, "His strongest selling point is that he is one of the least dangerous people I know named Hussein." As the blog Think Progress noted, Coulter went on to say: "Other than that, Barack's really been kind of coasting on his record, since his first big accomplishment of being born half-black. I keep hearing people say, 'Oh, Obama could never be elected because he's half-black. You know, 'cause we're just such a racist country.' What are they talking about? He wouldn't be running for president if he weren't half-black. He'd be [Sen.] Dick Durbin [D-IL] with less experience." The speech was broadcast live on the


What's worse than this woman are the people that subscribe to her train of thought.


Anonymous said...

When stating the obvious, it isn't always racist.

Anonymiss said...

How exactly does being born half-Black constitute for an accomplishment? What was the purpose in evoking anti-Muslim sentiments by repeatedly referring to him by his middle name?

Anonymous said...

Wha was it that "A. Hart Coulter" said that was untrue?
Here's a bulletin: She is a columnist-she deals in opinion through the use of sarcastic wit.
I am constantly amazed at the velocity and altitude Ms. Coulter's humorous remarks attain as they sail over the heads of so many earnest left wingers. God bless our intellectual diversity and the Hobbesian dictum that all men (and women) are created equal, intellectually, because they think they are.

Anonymiss said...

So because she has an opinion, I'm not allowed to have one?

If you don't like that I question her motives, then I don't know what else to say except "Nice knowing."

Anonymous said...

You may not believe this but I most certainly respect your opinions,along with your civility. I certainly disagree with many of Coulter's positions, especially when she speaks on education.

I also respecfully disagree with the Clinton position on health care, and Obama's position on national security. The beauty of this country is our ability to disagree, compromise and move forward.
Coulter is far more right than I am, but there is merit in SOME of the things she writes. As an expatriate New Yorker, I also undertand that much of what she says is her just being a wise-ass (I know you understand what I mean :-D )

I feel that her motives are far more complicated than than they appear. She is true to very conservative principles. Both Clinton and McCain have moved to the center. Ostensibly to win the nomination, and hence the general election.
Personally, I like Obama. He strikes me a being a decent, family oriented guy. He is also young enough to come to his senses politically (please, just kidding).

Again, I don't see the racism in Coulter's writing, unless you are referring to her animosity toward the jihadists. Some how being anti-islamist, at least in my mind, is not a racist position.
Peace-and my apology if I offended you. Sometimes I too have a difficult time not being a wise ass.

Anonymiss said...

No offense taken. I welcome all disagreeing comments so long as they're shared respectfully :-)