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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Billary's Letting Us Know That's She's Desperate and Low on Dough

From The New York Times:

Clinton Goes Negative in Wisconsin Ad
By Ariel Alexovich

Updated The gloves are off. Hillary Rodham Clinton just released her first TV ad specifically attacking Barack Obama.

In her latest spot for Wisconsin, she criticizes him for not signing on to a debate at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

“Maybe he’d prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions,” the announcer says.

Why the request for more debates? Are we being frugal with the $6.4 million you raised which paid off the $5 million you loaned yourself last week? Are we telling on ourselves, Hill?

Obama's campaign responds to latest attack ad:

Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have debated 18 times already and have agreed to two more debates in the next three weeks. It’s telling that Senator Obama is spending the day offering substantive ideas on how to fix the housing crisis, offer relief to middle-class families and end the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs, while Senator Clinton is playing the same old Washington games.

Senator Clinton’s attacks won’t help pass universal health care, or restore one Wisconsin job that has been lost due to trade agreements like NAFTA that she supported.


Nice response from Obama's camp. Now, again, why the request for more debates? Obama's agreed to two debates already. Can the man continue on with his campaign trail without the presumption of fear?

Growing up, I admired Hillary. She didn't assume the traditional role of being the First Lady, she seemed bright, and she just had a strength about her that I admired. Things have changed since then. The more that I follow her campaign and the more that I learn about her and Bill, the more disappointed I become. I really felt like I knew her. I guess you don't know anyone until they're desperate.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Anonymiss,

You called it, Billary is desperate. Everyone knows she's broke so what's the point in trying to fool people. Barack is fallin' for it and neither are the people.

Mes Deux Cents said...

I meant to say Barack "isn't" fallin' for it. :)