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Sunday, February 24, 2008

CA Assemblywoman Pushes "Donda West Law"

From Baller Status:

Cali Assemblywoman Pushes 'Donda West Law'

A California Assemblywoman says death of the mother of rapper Kanye West proves that individuals seeking plastic surgery should be required to get a medical clearance from a licensed doctor before they can do so.

Kanye's mom, Donda West, died in early November at the age of 58, and later it was learned that the cause was a heart attack due to complications of cosmetic-surgery.

An autopsy revealed she likely died of pre-existing heart disease coupled with multiple postoperative factors.

According to the Associated Press, democratic assemblywoman, Wilmer Amina Carter, says Donda West's niece contacted her and asked her to introduce a bill that requires a health check before any cosmetic surgery.

Carter introduced the "Donda West Law" on Friday (February 22).

"I would not in any way cast any negative opinion toward cosmetic surgeons because many of them do it the right way," Carter told local paper, The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. "This bill is for those who don't."

Yolanda Anderson, niece of Donda, said that her cousin, Kanye, was enthusiastic about the law and offered support. "[Kanye] is ecstatic and very grateful," she said. "He said, 'You started this. Now run with it and let me know how I can help.'"


Sounds like a good idea. Still, people should do thorough background checks because Dr. Jan Adams was not a reputable doctor. Too many people came forward about their botched surgeries. Omarosa and her mother were on Inside Edition and discussed how he "lacked the proper credentials" to perform surgery.

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