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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney Says "Deuces"

From The Page:

Romney to Quit Race

Withdrawal could come at CPAC speech at 12:15 pm ET (Source)

Or is he leaving?
GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

(CNN) -- Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will suspend his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, GOP sources tell CNN.

A candidate may "suspend" his or her campaign rather than dropping out, and technically remain a candidate. In this case, he or she is entitled to keep any statewide pledged delegates as well as their district-level delegates.

Candidates who officially drop out must forfeit statewide delegates.

Which is it? Both sites are supported by CNN so I don't understand the inconsistency.


IGOD777 said...

I'm hoping if Barack wins a few more states, that Hill will follow suit.

Anonymiss said...

That'd be nice but she's a real fighter. She challenged Obama to 5 debates and he accepted only 2 of them because he'd like to still travel around the nation. I can see why she challenged him to 5 debates --- it's more affordable.

In the news, they said Obama asked that the Clintons make their tax returns public. No comment from the Clintons as of now.