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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feminists Not Voting With Their Vaginas, Endorse Obama; My Two Cents

Feminist Leaders Oppose Hillary, Endorse Obama

Jon Weiner

More than 100 New York feminist leaders released a joint statement Sunday afternoon criticizing Hillary Clinton and supporting Obama for president - evidence that Clinton's support among women activists has declined significantly in the days before the super-Tuesday primary.

Clinton's support for the war in Iraq was the leading reason she lost the support of the group, which calls itself "New York Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama!" "We urgently need a presidential candidate whose first priority is to address domestic needs," the group added.
Those endorsing Obama include longtime peace activist Cora Weiss; Katha Pollitt, columnist for The Nation; Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times writer Margo Jefferson; award-winning women's rights historians Alice Kessler Harris and Linda Gordon; Barbara Weinstein, president of the American Historical Association, and Ellen P. Chapnick, Dean for Social Justice Initiatives at Columbia Law School.

"Choosing to support Senator Obama was not an easy decision for us," the group stated, "because electing a woman president would be a cause for celebration in itself." They "deplored" the "sexist attacks against Senator Clinton that have circulated in the media." But, they stated, they nevertheless supported Obama because his election "would be another historic achievement" and because "his support for gender equality has been unwavering."
The group based their opposition to Clinton on "her seven-year record as senator." Despite her recent pledges to remove troops from Iraq, the group stated, Clinton's "record of embracing military solutions and the foreign policy advisers she has selected make us doubt that she will end this calamitous war."

Here is the petition drawn by New York Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama.

Since Edwards dropped out of the race, I'm gonna go with Obama who was my second choice. I don't mean to make him out to be sloppy seconds, LOL! Contrary to the belief of some overzealous (White) liberal women and Black Billary supporters, I'm not voting for Obama because I'm Black. I prefer Obama because of what he stands for. He stands for change, he's new to the scene, he's not a war hawk, he's very in touch with the youth, and I appreciate his ideas on how he'd run our country.

I don't support Hillary because of

1. Her hawkish ways

2. Her filthy campaign that drips with race-baiting and distortions of Obama

3. Her shamelessness in running on the laurels of her husband

4. Her taking the Black vote for granted

5. Disrespecting and devaluing the contributions of Martin Luther King, and when you think about it, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young (he's too blinded by Bill's honorary Blackness to see her disrespect though), and countless others. My boss approves all of my projects so should I be discredited for all of the work I put in?

6. Some of her alliances (Bob "BET" Johnson, Charles Rangel)

7. Her telling Obama to renounce the support of certain people (David Geffen, Nevada unions' ads) while not addressing State Sen. Robert Ford (D-SC) for saying "It's a slim possibility for him to get the nomination, but then everybody else is doomed. Every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose — because he's black and he's top of the ticket. We'd lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything."

8. Her "desperate times call for desperate measures" tactics like using Obama's elementary school essays to indicate inconsistencies with his desire to be president

9. And last but not least, fuck another political dynasty. I am 26 years, so since my conception (LOL!), it's been Bush (Reagan), Bush (Reagan), Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, and Bush. See the pattern? Who'll come after? Jeb and then Chelsea? NO THANK YOU.

Even though she said that she'll be the second Clinton to clean up the second Bush's mess, I don't believe it. And Slick Willy made a mess himself. Some even before he got into the Oval Office.


1. Troopergate (Gennifer Flowers)?

2. Sister Souljah (I mean, her name spawned a political lexeme)?

3. Lani Guinier?

4. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

5. Rwanda?

6. Kosovo?

7. Sexual harassment cases?

8. Mandatory sentencing?

9. Welfare reform?

10. The dreadful War on Drugs?

11. Zippergate?

12. Black Hawk Down?

13. Wet Foot/Dry Foot?
14. Whitewater?

Ummm ... that's not a good look so therefore, no to a co-presidency. Especially a bad one. Stop the madness.

1 comment:

A-Dub said...

STAND UP!!! i like your post, because you actually give REASONS for your choice....not that you have to...but it nice to know someone else who actually used their brain and did some research on this topic, rather than recycling someone else's thoughts or voting on shallow terms