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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Don't I Feel Sorry for Them?

For Christine Cameron, the recession became real when the financial analyst she had been dating for about a year would get drunk and disappear while they were out together, then accuse her the next day of being the one who had absconded.

Dawn Spinner Davis, 26, a beauty writer, said the downward-trending graphs began to make sense when the man she married on Nov. 1, a 28-year-old private wealth manager, stopped playing golf, once his passion. "One of his best friends told me that my job is now to keep him calm and keep him from dying at the age of 35," Ms. Davis said. "It's not what I signed up for."

Peep the mission statement:

Are you or someone you love dating a banker? If so, we are here to support you through these difficult times. Dating A Banker Anonymous (DABA) is a safe place where women can come together - free from the scrutiny of feminists- and share their tearful tales of how the mortgage meltdown has affected their relationships. DABA Girls was started by two best friends whose relationships tanked with the economy. Not knowing what else to do, we did what frustrated but articulate girls have done since the beginning of time - we started a blog. So if your monthly Bergdorf's allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life, lighten your heart with laughter and email your stories to Warning all stories sent will be infused with our own special brand of DABA Girl humor.


Two words of criticism: Plum foolery. One word of advice: Reevaluation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

B#tch Please.

I love how out-of-touch White Americans assume some pseudo authority on race relations. I love how they conveniently ignore the "One Drop Rule" when convenient. I love how they pretend that we're all holding hands across the nation singing "Kumbayah" while dishing racist vitriol. I love how they can be unhealthily obsessed with people of color and dehumanize us at the same time.

And I also love how they can rely on antiquated and ruled-out research that feminizes and racializes poverty. I also love how they can run off at the mouth without offering any solutions. Bitch please.