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Friday, April 25, 2008

Cops Acquitted in Sean Bell Shooting

Police acquitted over NY shooting

A judge in New York has acquitted three police officers who shot dead an unarmed man hours before his wedding.

Sean Bell, 23, was shot after a bachelor party at a strip club in the suburb of Queens in November 2006.

Two undercover detectives faced charges of manslaughter, while a third was accused of reckless endangerment.

The judge, Justice Arthur Cooperman, found the detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper innocent of all charges.

How in God's name do you justify 50 rounds? How in God's name do you justify emptying and reloading? It's sad to say but the defense was weak cuz of Trent Benefield's inconsistent accounts of the shooting. Was he on sedatives when gave his first account?

I feel horribly for Bell's family. Damn. An unarmed man killed on his wedding day. Why the fuck is it OK to play target practice with people's lives? *SMFH* May God give them strength.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fox News --- Why Does It Even Exist?

The man in the video is Rev. Michael Pfleger and he's now being attacked by Bill O'Reilley. Fox News chose to edit out parts of the video where Rev. Pfleger defended himself against the ambush reporter. I appreciate that he made a note of Martin Luther King's "Santa Clausification."

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do You Or Someone You Know Suffer From Catty Bitch Disease?

There's gonna be a shift in my blog's theme which seems to be too political. Originally when I started this blog, it was about letting off frustration about what's happening in the world and touching on things of interest. I was also supposed to be discussing things going on in my world and I haven't done that yet. So today, I'll start by blogging about something that has been pissing me off for years but has finally come full circle in the last couple of months due to a friendship I have with someone.

Since this is my blog, I'm gonna speak my piece in plain fucking English about what I find to be the ugliest quality that I've found in the majority of the women that I've come to know --- cattiness. I cannot stand a catty bitch. I think catty bitches are oh so miserable human beings. These tend to be their symptoms with examples that I've had to painfully suffer through:

Gossip Mongers
- The Catty One (TCO) calls me at my (office) desk to gossip about a female coworker lacking class because she's dressed in clothing representing her fave sports team. TCO expects me to care for some strange reason. I said "Maybe she's going to the bar or someone's house to watch the game.

TCO says "I would never dress that way no matter how much I love a sports team. That's so low class? Don't you think?" *Sighs* I hate that question because do you really give a shit about what I think? You've got your mind made up so do you need my 2 cents?

So I answered, "I don't know what to say.

"Well, I guess class isn't something that everyone's born with or can learn."

Silence on my end of the phone.

"Well I'll let you get back to work."

- TCO, a coworker, and I were discussing Spitzer's scandal and TCO revealed to us that one of our coworkers (a friend of hers BTW) has been in marriage counseling for over a decade. Ummm... Why do I need to know this? She coulda said "I know people that have been in marriage counseling for years."

(Playa) Hates
- TCO complains about how a female coworker doesn't dress professionally and how if it were her company, she wouldn't tolerate that. She also said "People may think she's a bimbo. Doesn't she care what people think? My old boss has zero tolerance for that." Mind you, the gossip victim (GV) has just received a promotion and raise which means her boss isn't all that bothered by how she dresses. Then again, he's a man (LOL). But in all seriousness, the GV dresses casual versus business casual which is the dress code (that maybe a one third of the company follows) and happens to be very good at her job (web development). I've heard of the GV rocking tops with cut-outs on the side and all this other stuff, but for some strange reason, I don't happen to give a fuck. I mean, ol' girl's always been cool with me. Why should I pop shit about her?

Obsessively Overanalyzes, Judges, and Criticizes
- One of our coworkers has just been diagnosed with heart disease. TCO calls to tell me about it and I actually don't mind cuz I was wondering how the GV was feeling cuz she hasn't been back to work yet. TCO asks me in uber-annoying amazement "Do young people get heart disease?"

I answer "Yes. I heard of a 13-year-old getting it years ago on the news. Usually bad eating habits, stress, or both can trigger it."

"Well I can see how she got it considering that she's always eating from the Dollar Menu at McDonald's..." and then proceeds to go on about the GV never being able to afford better foods.

I was like "I gotta go" and hung up. *SMH* I don't speak on someone's finances but my own. If someone's always buying from the Dollar Menu, I'd safely assume that they're tight on money. Also, I'd consider the GV's stress level considering that she's a single parent who was very unhappy with her job at one point.

Believes That Denial's a River in Egypt
- TCO actually believes that she's down to earth. How is that even possible when all she levels at others are superficial critiques? Plus, she's a wannabe elitist (she lacks the adequate finances to be an actual one). People have to know when they're guilty of something. Especially when they're around people that don't exhibit the same behaviors. I can't go for the "I didn't realize that I was this way" excuse. That's crap.

Is Two-Faced
- TCO talks about everyone. Including those that she seemingly likes and gets along with. I can only assume that I'm not exempt from her critiques. There was an instance where she said to me "Oh you like everybody" when I didn't care to join her in ragging on everybody and they momma. I said "Well, I work with these people and I'd rather get along with them for the time that I spend here."

So, what do you suppose is the cure for this disease? Getting a self-esteem? Getting a life? Combination of both? No, seriously, I wanna know cuz something in this picture is definitely lacking. For someone to always pop shit about everybody everyday is telling a lot about that individual.

My Decision
What I've decided to do is keep TCO at a distance. I can't deal with somebody so miserable with her life cuz it really affects me. This is the reason why I've always had problems with women. The fakeness, lack of trustworthiness, lack of genuine sisterhood --- something was always lacking.

And I especially hate the male-centeredness of some women. It begets jealousy ("Bitch think she cute"), pointless competition (Why do some of us feel the need to size each other up when first meeting each other? Why's there a need to find what's wrong with that woman?), violence (Foolish women fighting over some ex-con), and it's just SAD. In my life, I've only met two women that have never struck me as miserable and have rarely acted catty towards others and we've been friends for over a decade.

Some of you are probably wondering why I never said anything. Well, I don't know either. I know that in the beginning, I partook in catty bitch behavior with her. I wish I hadn't because now I feel dirty for doing so. After a while, it had gotten really old and redundant. We'll be talking, someone passes by and greets us, TCO rolls her eyes, makes a face, and pops shit. Rinse. Repeat. And this is behavior coming from a middle-aged woman ya'll. Very. Fucking. Sad.

Over the years, I've worked on my rationale (still a work in progress) and now know that there are definitely genuine women out there. Aside from my wonderful self :-) I've actually met a number of genuine and pleasant women. I see TCO as a painful reminder of the kind of woman that I never wanna deviate into.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

VH1's Miss Rap Supreme

Aside from the lesbian chic crap/sex as a selling point (*Yawns*), the show looks pretty interesting. The show airs tomorrow at 10 ET.

*Sighs with nostalgia* I used to love me some Yo-Yo.

"You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo"

"Black Pearl" f/ Big Bub

*Sighs again with nostalgia* What do you think has happened to the Female MC? Do you think she still has a place in Hip Hop? Am I the only one that'll run to the record store (knocking an old lady down in the process) if L. Boogs drops another one? Should I let go of that dream?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Campaign Circus

Campaign Circus has a pretty good supply of political-based videos. This is worth a click so check it out.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Open Letter 4/11/2008: The Horizon and the Bottom Line

We sincerely hope that this post can be the last Open Letter that criticizes the involvement of the NAACP and Al Sharpton in the Dunbar Village case.

Although we are not satisfied with the official conduct of the NAACP in the past few weeks, we acknowledge that the finite goals that we originally set for this campaign have been completed.

We will continue to offer our support to the victims of this crime, and would like to thank the prosecutor in this case for exercising a high degree of discretion.


New readers: this post is the conclusion of a protest in which thousands of African Americans from various walks of life condemned the recent actions of both the NAACP and the National Action Network in a criminal case known as the Dunbar Village Atrocity. Read details of the crime here.


We are satisfied that the NAACP will cease to use it’s power of advocacy to demand that the suspects in the Dunbar Village Atrocity case be given the opportunity to be released on bail.

We are satisfied that a long overdue show of official support for the Dunbar Village victims has been made, or is under way.

We are somewhat satisfied with the apology that was given for the public declaration that the Dunbar Village Atrocity and the Boca Raton rape case are comparable; however, it is not lost on us that the apology was done privately, and not delivered by the National office with the same level of conviction in which the original statement was made.

We condemn the NAACP’s failed attempt to obfuscate the truth concerning their participation in the press conference dated 03/11/2008.

The absurdity of their attempt to deny such easily verifiable facts caused real damage to the credibility of their establishment. Our community needs to be able to trust the integrity and veracity of any organization that purports to advocate for it, therefore, we challenge the NAACP to be honest enough to admit their mistakes in the future, even the big ones.


We have done our very best to be people of integrity concerning this matter, by thoroughly researching the facts before mounting this campaign.

Our wish is to be to be able to work together with justice organizations to right the wrongs inflicted on people of color, by not only enforcing standards of prosecution, but also by raising the standard of ethical conduct of all people involved.

While our demands have been met in this case, we are not convinced that either agency has taken the appropriate steps to ensure that tragic decisions like the press conference in support of the torture suspects will not be made again in the future.

We urge the NAACP and the National Action Network to interpret this protest as a golden opportunity for critical self reflection, as a new line of dialogue, and as a chance to move into better alignment with the will of the very people that they exist to serve.

The Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund

Individuals who would like to donate money to the victims can go to any Wachovia Bank and donate to the St. Ann’s Victim’s Assistance Fund. Donations will go directly to the mother and her son.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church will also accept donations. Checks can be made payable to the "Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund - St. Ann’s".

Donations can be mailed to: St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

For more information about this Dunbar Village Campaign, you can visit any of the following blogs:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama Campaign Financed by KKK as per Snoop Dogg

What's he been lacing his weed with lately?

Snoop Dogg Criticizes Barack Obama

In a candid interview on Thursday with London newspaper The Guardian, Snoop Dogg commented on U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, accusing him of receiving funding from historically anti-black organization the Ku Klux Klan.

"The KKK gave Obama money. They was one of his biggest supporters... The media won't tell you that. They don't want you to know that. They just want you to know that this nigger befriended this other nigger who be threatening your values. But we all know all presidents lie to get into fucking office. That's they fucking job."
According to a reporter for Gone Hollywood, Obama denied these allegations, saying that the rumors are "completely untrue."

Snoop is not the only Hip Hop figure that has openly expressed discontent towards the U.S. presidential candidate. In an interview with the Black Agenda Report, Russell Simmons accused Obama of being a "controlled politician."

"I think about one-fourth of his campaign contributions came from small donations made over the internet, even though he collected more than any other democratic candidate from Wall Street people. So at the end of the day, he's controlled, too. That's my point. He's a mouse, too, like everybody else," Simmons added.

Although Snoop has expressed his opposition towards Obama, he believes that he will become America's next president.

"In America's eyes, that muthafucker's gonna be president 'cause [John] McCain can't fuck with him. Hillary [Clinton] can't fuck with him. He's winning over white people, white ladies.”

Reported by Krysten Hughes.


Ummm... Where's Snoop getting his info from? Why would the KKK back Obama when he's not a separatist? Would Obama even be electable if he were a separatist? Of course not.

So does this mean that Russell is renouncing his support for Obama? My heart would surely be broken if he did :-/

Friday, April 4, 2008

Open Letter 04/04/2008: Reversing the Advancement of the Black Community

Black Women's Roundtable Discussion with the NAACP

Thursday evening the Black Women's Roundtable, in conjunction with What About Our Daughters?, interviewed NAACP Florida State Conference President Adora Obi Nweze and NAACP National Director of Communication, Richard McIntire.

During the podcast, just as it has before the email campaign, the NAACP displayed its profound disrespect for the intelligence of Black people everywhere.

Though we are content with the NAACP's decision to discontinue advocating for the Dunbar Village rapists, we are not content with their attempt to contradict themselves and obfuscate the facts regarding the e-mail campaign.


The email campaign launched against the NAACP has been a very tactical one. Contrary to their assertions, the NAACP has not been criticized for the sum total of their mission, but rather their defense of the indefensible.

During the interview, the NAACP mentioned school suspension disparities and hurricane relief efforts as an attempt to shift attention from the sole issue that raised ire in right-thinking Black Americans with a grasp of the concepts of right and wrong.

Though there may be differences in opinion on the most pressing issues, the only criticism levied against the NAACP was its egregious decisions to find injustice where no one can show there has been thus far.


The NAACP has made the decision to not take a public and definitive stand on not only Dunbar Village but what the tragedy epitomizes. To refresh all of our memories, the NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The word that undoubtedly stands out in that name is 'advancement'. When the mothers and daughters of an entire community are prey for domestic terrorists, when rape is utilized as a tool of revenge and hate for a community's women how is that NOT an issue that hinders the advancement of our people? Lets be clear, the NAACP has decided to speak out on Dunbar Village, they were simply on the wrong side of the fight.


The NAACP is an organization rife with contradictions. Obviously, if there are two contradictory statements, then one of them simply is not true. Mr. McIntire stated the NAACP does not concern itself with individual cases, however Jena 6, Michael Vick, and Genarlow Wilson implies the opposite.

The NAACP felt compelled to inject its name and time into these cases often times by doing nothing more than making a statement. Why do these cases deserve a public statement but support of the Dunbar Village victims (before missteps and chiding) did not deserve public support?


Several times Mr. McIntire stated the suspects have a right to bail. Bail can be denied thus it is not automatic. In the state of Florida, men have been denied bail for child pornography. With the DNA evidence and statements by at least two of the defendants expressing guilt, the community (the people) are best served by the detention of the suspects. Innocent until proven guilty does not inherently mean bond is given. The NAACP stated they wanted to ensure the process moved forward. However, they did not (and presumably cannot) express how the process had been stalled nor who was preventing due process.


During the podcast, the NAACP leaders attempted to apologize privately for something that was done in public. The West Palm Beach NAACP branch is not some rogue element of the NAACP. There is an established environment within the organization that gave a sense of comfort that allowed the local branch to speak for the rape suspects.

The NAACP leaders subtly and gently put the onus on the local branch but they are an agent for the national NAACP and they spoke on their behalf. Initially, the National NAACP stated in a widely circulated press release that its position was misrepresented in the email campaign. Not only does this show the dichotomy of how they have handled the situation (publicly defending and privately admonishing),it also highlights their strategy to publicly attack the bloggers who rightly decried their actions.


During the interview, they stated the NAACP performs numerous acts, supposedly ones that support victims and not criminals, that simply don't receive the attention. The NAACP is complicit in this one-sided media and public attention. They didn't hold the press conference at their local branch, they created an image sure to send a statement, because every move is a calculated one meant to send a message. They stood with the families of the suspects before the State Attorney's office. When they want attention, they know how to get it.

In this case, the NAACP walked blindly and did not analyze the situation for what it was, a heinous crime. They saw Black males in the justice system and went on autopilot. When will the NAACP not speak on behalf of a Black criminal? How does continuously and exclusively advocating for the criminal faction of a community advance the community?


The NAACP needs to do publicly what it did privately last night --- state they were wrong and apologize. Particularly since they stated bloggers were wrong. They can't have it both ways --- we were not both wrong.


In the end, it is unfortunate that as we celebrate the life, work, and legacy of a great American, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., we must see yet another step toward decline for an organization meant to advance Black Americans. King believed that "in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." It leaves a lasting impression when Black organizations are reticent to speak and act on behalf of true voiceless and vulnerable victims, and instead speak loudly for those focused on the destruction of our community.

For more information about this Dunbar Village Campaign, you can visit any of the following blogs:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ward Connerly Sponsors Sneaky Initiative to End Affirmative Action in Colorado

Colorado Petition Draws Charges of Deception

DENVER — Freddie Whitney was walking out of a King Soopers supermarket here this winter when she was approached by three young men.

They politely asked if she was against discrimination and, if so, if she would sign a petition that would legally end the practice in the state. After scanning it briefly, Ms. Whitney, a 78-year-old African-American, signed it.

A few weeks later, Ms. Whitney says, she was shocked to learn from a local newspaper that she had unwittingly lent her support to a ballot measure called the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative that seeks to eliminate state programs that give preferential treatment to minorities and women.

The proposal is part of a larger effort organized by the conservative advocate Ward Connerly, whose group, the American Civil Rights Coalition, is seeking to disassemble affirmative action in five states this year: Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

“My reaction was, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done?’ ” Ms. Whitney said. “I have children and grandchildren who have benefited from affirmative action.”

Several dozen Coloradans, some of them members of minorities, say they were deceived into signing the petitions under the guise of ending discrimination, and have complained to Colorado Unity, a coalition of civil rights groups that is fighting Mr. Connerly’s efforts.

Mr. Connerly, a former regent of the University of California, maintains that it is entirely accurate to present the measure as “ending discrimination,” and that the public has not been misled.

“It is not fraudulent when a person says they believe an initiative will achieve certain results and the opponents happen to disagree,” Mr. Connerly said. “Affirmative action is an amorphous term. It means different things to different people.”
More Stuff...

Is there any shame in their game that they have to go about their mission deceptively?

CROSS POST: The Epitome Of Racism Is Pat Buchanan

I came across this very thoughtful piece on AfroSpear:

“Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.” – Pat Buchanan, as if white people don’t use welfare.

Pat Buchanan is a disgusting example of a sub human being. This man has the audacity to say that people in the black community should be on their knees thanking the white community for bringing our ancestors to America, subjecting them to slavery, denial of humanity, Jim Crow laws, segregation, denial of civil rights, and denial of opportunity. While the dominant community worked to keep black people within the strict confines of subjugation, the white community reaped the benefits of low cost black labor and the benefits of black people being artificially prevented from competing fairly in a capitalistic environment. The black American today should be thankful that although we live in the richest country in the world and earn wages that exceed many blacks elsewhere, we pay much more than many blacks around the world in order to exist without healthcare, equal wages, equal opportunities for education and employment, and the other social ills that run the gamut.

Black people need to be thankful that white people hanged our ancestors from the local tree. We should be thankful that our ancestors were used for government sponsored experiments on the effects of syphilis if left untreated. We should be down on our knees thanking god that white people sprayed our elders and ancestors with water hoses for having the audacity to demand to be recognized as an equal part of this society that works so hard to protect racial disparity. We should be thankful that prisons hold a disproportionately excessive number of our brothers and sisters while on the flip side the American corporation employs a disproportionately inadequate number of black people.

We should be thankful for all of this disparity that has become the norm of American society. According to Mr. Buchanan, this is a grievance that the white American community has against the ungrateful black people. White people paid good money to other white people to buy our ancestors. Why aren’t we more thankful?

Then again, why aren’t more people of Jewish ancestry more thankful to Nazi Germany for all the things the Nazis did for them? The German Nazi party spent a lot of energy building all of those concentration camps to house those Jewish people. Why aren’t more Jews more thankful for the sacrifice that Germany made for their ancestors and elders? How come there are no Jews thanking the Germans for all of those train rides that allowed them to see the countryside from the inside of a railcar? The Germans provided Jews with food, at least every now and then. The Germans actually set in motion a series of events that led to the establishment of Israel. It would not have happened without Adolph Hitler’s help. If we follow Mr. Buchanan’s racist logic, every person of Jewish descent should be on their knees thanking the Nazis for everything that happened to them.

But no one would seriously suggest that the Jewish people should be on their knees thanking Nazis for their sordid past. The German Nazi party abused and misused its Jewish population. Jews exist despite what the Nazis did to them. The same is true about the relationship between America’s black population and the dominant society. If racist white people had their way, the black community would continue to have no rights and to exist in nothing more than a subservient role to the white community. It is this blatant tolerance for racism against black people in this country that allows the white mindset of people like Mr. Buchanan to flourish and to publicly express some of the most asinine concepts with regards to the relationship between blacks and whites. Black people need to get down on our collective knees and thank white supremacist, kidnappers, enslavers, rapists, murderers, and many other white criminals simply because we continue to exist in an environment of racial disparity. How racist and self centered can you get?

However, in one respect, Mr. Buchanan is very correct. His assessment that America’s dominant community is directly responsible for the condition of the black community is very true. He is mistaken in his opinion that we should be thanking the white community for what they have done. A victim of rape wouldn’t roll over, get on his or her knees, and thank the rapist for a good fuck. A crime was committed. The dominant community needs to face the facts that it has abused the black community just like the Nazi Germany had to come to terms with the fact that it had abused its Jewish community. We would never tolerate anyone publicly saying that the Jews should drop to their knees and thank god for the Nazis and for all the abuses of the Jewish community simply because the Jews are thriving. What on Earth would drive a person to think that the black community would drop to its knees and thank America’s dominant community for all the abuses our ancestors, our elders, and we have suffered? The mere suggestion is intended as a slap in the black community’s face.

This is how people with the white mindset respond to a call for some kind of dialog to start the healing process to end America’s racial dysfunction. The white mindset doesn’t want to end it because these people are benefiting from the divide. The white mindset wants to keep this dysfunction going just like the plantation owner would do anything to keep slavery going. The white mindset wants to be thanked for what they have done that has caused the black community such despair. This is the face of compassionate conservatism. Mr. Buchanan has zero compassion for the black community or racial healing. It is because he is profoundly deep in his psychosis of white supremacy he maintains his delusion that black people need to be grateful for the crumbs America throws its way. No one is this much of a callous bastard by accident. Mr. Buchanan is making a conscious decision to never come to terms with America’s racism, the racist past, or the racial dysfunction that continues to support white privilege and black subjugation.

And unfortunately, Pat Buchanan is in no way operating individually or in a small club. Mr. Buchanan is part of a very large fraternity. He is the type of white man that would be more than happy to beat an enslaved African to within an inch of his life and then demand that the African lick his boot to show allegiance. He’s the type of white man that would turn a dog without a muzzle on black people conducting a peaceful protest. He is the type of white man that would turn to a group of black children and threaten to make their lives disappear if they don’t quit making trouble for white children who hang racially provocative nooses. He is the type of white man who would drag a black man behind his pickup truck with a chain around the neck and then get pissed when the black man doesn’t offer to pay for his gas. He is the type of white man that would turn loose a fire hose on blacks in a peaceful march and complain that the blacks didn’t thank him for not using bullets. He is the type of man who would deny black children an education. In fact, he’s more likely to suggest that we could reduce crime by aborting all black babies. He is the epitome of white privilege. He is a disgusting example of a sub human being.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pregnant Dude to Appear on Tomorrow's Oprah

First TV Interview: The Pregnant Man

Thomas is 34, happily married and…pregnant. Our cameras capture it all—the ultrasound, inside the nursery and more. How is this possible?

Here's the link to tomorrow's episode. Check your local listings.

Supposedly, Thomas used to be a woman and kept his female organs after changing his sex.