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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Politician's Kin Weighs in on Superdelegates

From the Huff Post:

My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

by Ari Emanuel

My brother Rahm Emanuel is a superdelegate. I love my brother, and I trust my brother. But I gave up letting my brother dictate my life since he determined whether he got the top or bottom bunk in our bedroom back in Chicago.

So, as much as I love and respect him, I don't trust him and his fellow superdelegates to decide for me and the American people who should be the Democratic nominee -- and, therefore, most likely the next president of the United States.

I want voters to make that decision. The superdelegates, my brother included, have not been elected by anybody to name the nominee. They've either been appointed by the
Party or, as in my brother's case, have automatically inherited the role simply because they are elected officials. This isn't the place to debate the entire history of superdelegates. Suffice it to say, however, they were created by the Party machine decades ago for the express purpose of giving Party insiders the ability to thwart the popular will.

After what Democrats went through in Florida in 2000, we should be the first to reject any such funny business. We should be as opposed to superdelegates changing the course of an election as we were to the Supreme Court appointing George W. Bush president. (Source)
I agree. I'm not at all fond of the role of the superdelegates. I want my vote to count and superdelegates should vote in the likeness of their constituents.

If anyone, has a different take, please feel free to share.


Daedalus said...

Daedalus Said: Sooooo, in Activist Speak, would that be racist if the Superdelegates give it to Hillary anyway? Will there be protests against the DNC? Hmmmmm.... I cant wait.

Anonymiss said...

Why would it be racist?