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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why I Like Keith Olbermann

Olbermann awarded Coulter "Worst Person" "bronze" for "B. Hussein
Obama" references, and said, "Then we put her on this network today so she could do it again"

On the February 14 edition of MSBNC's Countdown, host Keith Olbermann
awarded right-wing pundit Ann Coulter the "bronze" in his nightly "Worst Person
in the World" segment for her reference to Democratic presidential candidate
Sen. Barack Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" five separate times and as "President
Hussein" during a February 13 appearance on Fox News' Your World, as Media
Matters for America documented.
Olbermann then stated, "Then we put her on this network today so she could do it
Olbermann named Laura Ingraham the "runner-up" for stating on the
February 13 edition of her nationally syndicated radio show that President Bush
"welcomed [Rev.] Al Sharpton to the White House. I hope they nailed down all the
valuables." Olbermann added, referring to Ingraham: "I know you and Coulter
think you're satirists, but you do realize that if you're really not racist, you
are enabling racism there."
Olbermann named Fox News Radio's Tom Sullivan,
host of The Tom Sullivan Show, the "Worst Person" "winner" for playing a
"side-by-side comparison" of an Adolf Hitler speech and an Obama speech on his
February 11 broadcast.


I've slept on this dude for too long. He's found a fan in me.

Still, I question the authenticity of mAnn Coulter and others of her ilk. I wonder "She can't really be this idiotic" but then I reflect on some of the strange and thoughtless comments I've heard from the callers on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. She really is an idiot.

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