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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tonight's Loser --- Gerry Ferraro: Hands in Resignation After Saying That She Couldn't Be Fired


Ferraro said the Clinton campaign cannot fire her because she is not an adviser.

"It's impossible to fire somebody who's not involved with it," she said.



Clinton aide quits over race row

A Hillary Clinton adviser has resigned over her comment that Barack Obama would not be ahead in the race for the White House if he were not black.

Geraldine Ferraro, a vice-presidential candidate in 1984, announced she was stepping down from an honorary role on Mrs Clinton's finance committee.

Earlier, she had told US network ABC that her remarks had been "spun by the Obama campaign as racist" but were not.

Mr Obama in turn rejected the idea that being black was a big advantage.

Mrs Clinton has distanced herself from the comments, quoted in a US newspaper interview last week.

The row flared up on Tuesday, the day of the Mississippi primary election, which was convincingly won by Mr Obama.

The result is not decisive but boosts his lead in terms of delegates at the August convention where the party will choose its White House candidate.

With the Republicans' race settled, their presumptive nominee, John McCain, has been focusing on a nationwide fund-raising drive.

'Historic candidacy'

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that Ms Ferraro had stepped down from her unpaid position on the New York senator's finance committee.


What a difference a day makes.


Mari-Djata said...

McCain is going to be fully funded for this year's election war while the Democratic Party is eating itself alive...

To be serious though, if it wasn't for McCain's stances on the war, I would consider voting for him. I do think, however, that he will handle the war better than Bush and that he will restore the integrity of the Constitution.

Anonymiss said...

I agree that the Democrats are on the verge of implosion.

Vigilante said...

Since Hillary can't lead or follow, she should just get out of the way.

Anonymiss said...

@ Vigilante

Here here.