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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Text Convo With My BFF About Hillary

I was feeling kinda down about Hillary winning 3 of 4 primaries on Tuesday. I texted my friend to tell her how I was feeling. Isn't it a shame how antisocial we (texters) have become?

Anyway, during this conversation, I was feeling dejected, hadn't considered Barack's delegate count, and thought it was over for him. Like my other friend said "He ain't dead yet."

Here's how the convo went:

Me: I'm depressed :-(

BFF: Why

Me: Cuz Barack fucked up with lying about d secret NAFTA meeting in Canada. I'm voting 4 Nader.

BFF: I never get all caught up in a politician that much cuz they have 2 many people 2 please. I try 2 go 4 d lesser of d evils so 2 speak.

Me: Yeah but I don't think Hill will do a better job than McCain. Nader '08.

BFF: Damn, I dunno. Politics is frustrating. I think this country needs a change. Fuck all the republicans.

Me: I'm not all excited with d dems. They've done jack since taking over d houses. This is y it amazes me how dumb some Americans r. Bipartisanship doesn't work here.

BFF: I think you should still support him (Obama).

Me: 4 what? It's over. TX is a 2 close 2 call & Hill's in d lead by 2 points. PA is going 2 Hill. The gov of PA said d White ppl there aren't ready 4 a Blk pres.

BFF: Ugh I dunno. I think Hillary would do a good job. She plays dirty but I think she reflects my values. McCain wouldn't mind keeping up in Iraq for a 100 more.

Me: But she's not an aggressive legislator. The library of congress substantiates that. At least Nader has American interests @ heart. And she's embroiled in a $17 mil fraud trial in Cali. Chk my blog.

BFF: We'll talk more 2moro. Me sleepy.

Me: Later.

Convo continues next day:

BFF: I really think McCain is not the man for the house.

Me: Yeah. The election's draining. I'm gonna stick 2 fluff on Lifetime & Oxygen.

BFF: If people have been rooting for Obama are so mad that Hillary will be the candidate and not vote for her then McCain will win for sure.

Me: I don't know about that. I think many of them will not vote. Also mAnn Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are strategists. They're telling ppl 2 vote 4 Hill so that she can be destroyed by McCain.

BFF: Both of those people are not popular with many. They're hardcore Repubs. I think not voting is gonna happen cuz people will be bitter. I'm excited and hope to see a woman president. I don't love her but like her more and she supports my fundamental rights so I'm for her.

Me: Nader '08.

BFF: He will never win. I wish that Black voters (BFF's White) won't be discouraged and bitter and not vote for her. It's not smart. (BFF is a lesbian and is willing to compromise her own interests if it means voting for a lesser evil.)

Me: So Blk voters should accept the slap in d face that she & Bill levelled? F her. She had Blk voters b4 u'know but she devalued our votes by playing southern strategy. Muslims shouldn't vote 4 her either. Women's rights groups shouldn't vote 4 her. I'm not dying to have a Blk person or a woman in d white house. & she's not an aggressive legislator.

BFF: Politics is dirty. I think people got really wrapped up in in the battle between them. I never like my politicians but she has more of an interest in issues I believe in. McCain is someone I don't want in office. Do you even know what he stands for? He will drag this war on forever.

Me: I know what he stands 4 but she was just as hawkish. That's what really made me dislike her long b4 d race baiting. & I'm not gonna give my vote away 2 billary just cuz mccain's a dirtbag.

BFF: Most politicians are simply trying to get your vote and they do lie. A lot. The point is to never LOVE or get attached too much. They all will at some point neglect us. I vote to see change. I don't vote with heart. I vote with my head. I can't stand to see another 4 years of a Repub era. It needs to stop so I'm voting.

Me: The Clinton yrs weren't that great 4 many americans. & Hill's moderate. Remember that she voted 4 this war 2.

BFF: Yes but she changed her stance. I don't blame her for voting for the war. She realizes now that it was a mistake and wants otherwise. I have a couple of friends that are going to Iraq again. I never thought about it that way but people are really sick of it. Even some Repubs. I wanna vote for someone who will try to speed it up. McCain is not the person. I most certainly rather see her. Anyway whatever man.

Me: Well of course she had 2 change her stance when it became unpopular. Many repubs r against this war. & I blame her. I wish politicians would put up their kids 4 war the way they do americans.

BFF: Whether it's war or environment or teachers pay or civil rights I am way more on her side than his (McCain). And that's that. My vote is going to her.

Me: I rented election from netflix & they said it's just like watching Obama & Billary.

BFF: LOL ha. Fuck I gotta go to class. Talk to you later.

End of convo.

In the last election, I voted for Kerry because he was the lesser evil. I don't wanna waste another vote on a candidate that I don't agree with or believe in. This is my third time voting in a presidential election and I've never been so excited about an election before.

You know, I was going through the motions weeks ago wondering "What if Hillary wins the nomination? What next? Should I vote for her?" I was thinking of being spiteful to the Democratic party and voting for McCain to send a message that they shouldn't counter the interests of the voters by giving Hill the nod. I can't stand leatherface McCain so you can scratch that. I'll vote for Nader or hand in a write-in ballot if Obama loses the nomination.

In the meantime, my other friend and I plan to volunteer for Obama's campaign. I've gotta properly channel my anger and make a difference the best way I can. I wanna do my part and be involved in the most exciting election thus far.


Stephanie said...

I'm not sure if you have read this article. It's an interesting piece about Obama and NAFTA. It's a shame that more people won't know about this since media outlets probably won't have any interest in it.

Anonymiss said...

Thanks Stephanie :-) I'm gonna circulate this to as many news outlets as possible.

Submariner said...


Anonymiss said...

@ Submariner

I know, I know. I was just feeling that way at the time. I'm better now :-)