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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today's Jackass of Spades --- Al "Photo Op" Sharpton

From the Palm Beach Post:

Rev. Sharpton to visit area in fight to block primary results
by Michael C. Bender
In West Palm Beach, Sharpton also will condemn the "unfair" treatment of the suspects in the Dunbar Village assaults, said the Rev. William Richardson, the Florida director of the National Action Network.

Richardson said Sharpton would compare the treatment of the Dunbar Village suspects, who are black, and the teenage suspects in the Boca Raton gang rape.


He has officially lost his motherfucking mind. How dare he suggest that the treatment leveled at those monsters is unfair. How dare he not speak of the heinous, abominable crimes that were committed against that woman and her son. This woman and her son were tortured for hours and were also forced to commit acts of sodomy (at gunpoint) or else would have to die.

Let's be clear: this victimization-wielding, self-appointed "leader" is no leader of mine and has never been. He's idiotic, opportunistic, downright disgraceful, and offers no solutions. Plenty can filter through the bullshit and see this man for what he truly is --- a media whore.

Fuck. Al. Sharpton.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymiss for posting about this punk move by Al and the NAACP.