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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rev. Wright Wouldn't Be Hillary's Pastor, But He Seemed Appropriate for a White House Gathering Circa '98; Clintons' Old Church Sides w/ Wright

Hmmm... Gotta love glass house politics.

Photo: Rev. Wright & Bill Clinton
Posted by Ashish

Rev. Wright attended a gathering at the White House with Bill and Hillary Clinton...

The photo below popped up yesterday, showing Rev. Wright shaking hands with Bill Clinton at the White House in 1998. Wright was there attending a gathering for religious leaders. This photo goes along way to again show that Wright isn't some extreme lunatic but a very well known national pastor who is "mainstream" enough to have been invited to the White House in '98.

And Hillary Clinton's recently released White House records state that she WAS at that same gathering.


Here's the unspliced, 7-year-old clip of Rev. Wright's sermon that you won't see on Faux News:

The Clintons' former church defends Rev. Wright:

The view from Clinton's former church

While the Foundry pastor who closely counseled the Clintons retired soon after they left the church, his successor has stood in solidarity with Obama's pastor since controversy first erupted over videotapes of incendiary sermons delivered by Wright. One widely played clip shows Wright sermonising against racism and urging parishioners to sing "God damn America".

Snyder said Obama's pastor "has been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear".

The Foundry pastor, who is white, followed up in sermons on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, decrying racism and asking his congregation, "Who doesn't want to say God damn to this part of our national life together in which we just keep crucifying each other over and over again?"

Snyder also chastised white Americans for succumbing to fear in their reaction to Wright rather than listening to his message - which Snyder likened to resurrection.

"When the Jeremiah Wright sound bites appeared this week, I wish white Americans could have said, 'Tell us more, Dr Wright ... We may end up disagreeing with you, but we are going to take some time to try to understand what you have to say,'" Snyder said.

"What a wonderful thing that would have been for white America to do. But instead we became afraid."
More stuff...

Throwing stones from a glass house is a major DON'T. Especially when there is YouTube and Google.

A must-read:
Reverand Wright's Full Sermon - AverageBro

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Boris said...

Excellent posting. I'm linking!