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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Tell Me That This Isn't...

...Child Abuse:

H/T to Urban Curlz


Anonymous said...

I shocked and appalled at this woman's disgusting behavior. I wish someone would torture her this way.

Anonymiss said...

@ itsnameisderya:

What's even more appalling is that this little girl has to grow up feeling like a defect because her pathetic excuse for a mother didn't teach her how to properly groom her hair with ease.

I've already forwarded this video to my local FBI office. I advise all viewers of this video to do the same.

Jennifer, aka beautiful mind, complex life said...

Glad you forwarded it to the FBI office. It definitely looks like child abuse to me. I'm so sick of the disgusting prevalence of this problem on our planet. Why do people have children if they are so full of anger and hate?

sunvalleygirl said...

This woman is deranged. I am so happy to read that this was forwarded to the FBI as this is clearly a form of child abuse. It makes me wonder how this woman justifies going out to get her once nappy ass head of hair straightened. It is likely she suffered the same torture at one point in her shitty life and I imagine that is why she feels it is okay. Ohhh, it is vids like this that make my desire to fiulter myself through this computer screen so much stronger. What a bitch, I pray she gets investigated.

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