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Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Are NOT Umar F. Abdulmutallab

When I first heard of this terror attempt, I was disappointed but I wasn't going to allow it to affect me. I'd even made light of it. Then the gravity of the incident dawned on me when I was on a cab ride in Times Square, NYC and saw "Nigerian" and "terrorist attack" in the same sentence. My heart sank instantly.

After reading this article, my heart sunk even lower. I never considered the hard time that my family and I could face when traveling or when interacting with people ignorant of Nigerians. I knew that a new stereotype would come from this incident.

We're already known as 419 scammers, dating sites scammers, and/or simply cab drivers. I never cared for those labels because I know that the majority of Nigerians are hardworking people.  I know that the majority of Nigerian immigrants and their children are strivers and thrivers.  Even though the media and anti-immigration bigots want to label us as "con artists" or "rank-and-file," I know that isn't the case.

So, to my fellow Nigerians, and those in the Muslim community, I ask that you do not allow the actions of Umar F. Abdulmutallab and his ilk to have you hang your head in shame nor walk with your tail between your legs. After all, the Arab and/or Muslim Worlds do not and neither do Americans. You are an INDIVIDUAL. If any bigot tells you otherwise, be sure to correct them ;-)


Michelle said...

Oh Christ all mighty, this boy this stupid boy, they should send him back to Nigeria, we Nigerians will show him shagay. We are a Black country and an African country, which is why this is hitting us so hard, things are hard enough for us as it is. we don't need this B**lls**t. I just feel sorry for people that will try or are trying to get student visa. God forbid American will not remove Nigeria from the Green card lottery eligibility, but it is likely to happen.
I understand why we should not hang our head in shame, but we have to, at least for now. As we face the repercussions and the shock we have to hang our heads in shame, because it is a shameful act. An act that will stay with Nigerian people like a "bad smell" for the rest of our lives. Our children's children will face the repercussions. Only God will help us. I just hope our leaders will begin to pull their heads up from the sand they've been buried under for all these years and find a way to deal with this.

Peace said...

I'm still in shock by this news. Why why WHY, does it have to be a Nigerian. We are starting the new year of 2010 with this over our heads. I can completely understand what you said by not walking with our tails between our legs or walking in shame. But this stupid boy has rebranded we Nigerians. I have friends currently applying for student visa, but this will seriously affect them.
We are finding it hard to invite tourist to our Country as it is, now we will be luck if anyone visits us at all. I have cousins that applied for the green card lottery, now, only God knows what will happen.
This thing will be with us for generations oh!!!! GENERATIONS!!! ONE stupid boy's act will destroy a nation? God forbid it. we the people will have to face it and suffer it. It is one thing telling any bigot where to stick it, and correcting them, but another thing facing the repercussions. I hope the Government is strong enough to handle this case, because it's an unthinkable thing, that such a thing will happen from our country.
Do you know how difficult it is for a Nigerian to enter Australia or even England? they put you to the corner and look at you with squinted eyes (sizing you up) as if your a criminal. This act by this boy, will triple the experience for us. Pray to God that its is only One boy, and not that this fight nigerians have between christians and muslims is not gonna develop into something serious for us ohhhh chinekeeee God!!