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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jackass of Spades: Jim Jones aka...

... Jimmy Ones (as per Nas who asserts that "There's only one Jones in New York.").


Have you really followed Nas, Jimmy? Nas always touches on socioeconomic issues.

I mean, how many mainstream or marginally successful rappers as of right now are really addressing the self-esteem of Black people? How many in that group are addressing the sexism towards women via The Bible? How many in that group have challenged the media's racist coverage of Black people in an intelligent fashion? How many in that group have touched on racism in a constructive manner?

If Nas were like the aforementioned group who wants to be real-life American Gangsters and/or the Black Tony Montanas (yes, yes, Nas sold out in the past), you wouldn't have shit to say. Or maybe you would. Dumb rappers are always beating their chests and trying to prove how "real" they are by being studio gangstas or pulling other rappers' cards. *Rolls eyes*

Somebody Rick Ross this dude already. He hasn't figured out that his time is up.

H/T to my dude IGOD at T9E.

The 9 Elements - In A Shock To No One, Jim Jones Calls NaS A Dweeb For His FOX Stance


IGOD777 said...

I wouldn't have a problem with him if he was addressing the problem.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

he is a reflection of most of us

Anonymiss said...

@ Torrance -
Please elaborate.

Jay Midnyte said...

Jimmy acts a fool sometimes but his voice is what motivates people to grind whether its 9-5, slangin, college, or whatever.

He should stay in his lane. Nas ultimately is much more important than Jimmy because like you said, he brings our faults and greatness to light through his music.

So I respect them both. When I'm working I'm listening to Wayne, Jeezy, Jimmy, those type of people. When I want to think, I listen to Nas, Jay, Talib, Kanye, Common, those types.