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Friday, July 18, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Crocodile Tears


She was getting her Hillary on in that video wasn't she?

You know, I understand that there are Whites who were so sheltered that they're ignorant to the experiences of POC. Elisabeth is not of the aforementioned sheltered variety. She is running a hustle. Her hustles toggle amongst being a victimized neo-con, a picked-on White woman, and a blond airhead. Rinse. Repeat. Since I recognize game and am allergic to bullshit, I'm utterly bored with her feigned ignorance and pseudo-utopian views of race relations in the States.

For Elisabeth to say, with a straight face, that she and Whoopi live in the same world is patronizing and a boldfaced lie.

I mean, has she ever been advised to name her children "safe" names so as to ensure that they will be employable in the future? Has she ever been put in the position of speaking for her race? Has she ever been robbed of her emotions so as to not intimidate others and/or confirm their negative stereotypes about her? Has she ever had to pay a "White Tax" to prove that she's half as good as a Black person? I'll answer for her and say "No."

She's never walked a day in a POC's shoes so I can't take her myopic bullshit of a point-of-view seriously. And she seems to have a problem with LISTENING and loves to talk over people. She just wants to prove her case no matter what bullshit flies out of her mouth. I'd like to hear her challenge the LGBT, Italian, Latin, and other communities for their affectionate use of slurs directed towards their respective communities. I hope that she's challenging White women who embrace "bitch" and "on the rag."

The fundamentals of in-house jokes aren't rocket science. If my family called me "peanut head" or "stink butt," that doesn't give some outsider the right to use it as well. What's confusing about that?

Aside from her feigned concern for race relations, I was very annoyed by her turning on the waterworks. That was a great way to finish off the victimized neo-con, picked-on White woman hustle. Her act is sooo transparent but it amazes me that there are people (who are hell-bent on protecting White damsels in distress at any cost) who stay falling for the okey-doke. They say a sucker's born every minute. Seems like the lot of them watch Faux News.

How can Whoopi, Joy, and Sherri stand her? Are they in on this hustle?


Anonymous said...

It was strange to see the lack of symmetry. By that, I mean when you compare the way Hasselback (re)acted to the way Whoopi and Sherri did, you would think Elizabeth was a target for the word, not people like Whoopi/Sherri.

Vigilante said...

You caused me to look up Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because, not being a TV addict, I didn't know here from Adam. I was going to challenge your implication that she was a neo-con. I was wrong. You were right. She's a defacto Neo-Con at the very least. As, such, her tears have to be fake. Very fake. Even non-POC's can tell that much.

Anonymiss said...

I think that's what irritated me the most about the clip --- that she acted as if she were insulted.
Her tears are definitely fake. I mean, there was no cause for her to cry except to make it all about her.

Vigilante said...

BTW, Miss A, could you clear up what is meant by

...advised to name her children "safe" names so as to ensure that they will be employable in the future?

Not sure I get that, exactly.

Anonymiss said...

Hey Vigilante,
POC are advised against giving their children ethnic or very multisyllabic names so as to not hinder their employability. The goal is to have a name that's race-neutral [or palatable to Whites who don't (genuinely) appreciate diversity].

Vigilante said...

I thought that's what you were referring to, Miss A.

I want to point out that Vigil Lante is not my real name. I wish it had been. My name caused interminable embarrassment for me while I was growing up. I resolved as a father to give my sons easy and familiar names to spell so that their experience would be the opposite of mine. It worked for each of my four sons.Better than I could ever have imagined!

I also know many naturalized Orientals who have 'Americanized' their names to facilitate professional growth and whatever.

So, I'm not sure where that leaves me as a non -POC, when it comes to evaluating this statement iof yours which I have quoted above.

Thank you for your response!

Anonymous said...

Yup, I smell bullshit. The stank is so strong I can taste it in my mouth.

How DARE she bawl. How DARE she, even for a minute; make an argument about race all about herself and how DARE she deny that POC have problems.

White privilege, anyone?

I felt nothing but anger everytime she spoke. I was waitin' for someone to bash her head against the table.

Thank God Whoopi handled the situation the way she did. I love her.

Yellow Dog said...

Vigilante, it can't be too bad for POC's children with ethnic or very multisyllabic names hindering their employability. Not much longer anyway, after somebody with a name of "Barack Obama" becomes POTUS and leader of the free world.

Hawa Bond said...

The tears were real. But I don't believe for the reason she stated.

Lizzy wasn't getting her way. Whoopi et. al. didn't offer her a free pass to define the Black experience. The tears represented the 'pout and foot stomping' associated with a spoiled child getting told "NO."

Hawa from
Fackin Truth Blog said...


This woman is tired...just tired....and Whoopi was just too through...



Anonymiss said...

@ Vigilante -

My last name's ethnic and kids used to tease the hell out of me about it. Growing up, I really wished that I could blend in but I couldn't. As an adult I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin and I'm unashamed of my last name and no longer have a desire to assimilate. I love myself too much to compromise my uniqueness.

Conformity can aid in professional growth but how happy will assimilation leave you? I can't accept the notion that something's wrong with my last name and ethnicity just because some diversity-hating American is too lazy to ask "So how do you pronounce your last name?"

And like Yellow Dog said, Obama's gonna make it a little easier for us folks with "funny" names.
@ pddp -

Yes, Whoopi held it down. Where does she get her patience from? I need some of that, LOL!
@ Hawa Bond -
Great analogy. As per Stuff White People Do, her behavior is known as "occupying center stage."
@ Rev. Lisa -
LOL! I can't take her either. I remember when she was trying to make the argument that the black ideology that was taught at Trinity United was racist because it uplifted Blk ppl and excluded White ppl.

Joy Behar made the counter-argument that the women's movement was exclusive to women because women needed to guide and uplift each other. She then asked Elisabeth if she found a problem with that, and Elisabeth said "Yes." *SMH*