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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Archie Bunker Vote

I remember when everybody was doing cartwheels and the electric slide when the democrats won the majority. Man please. My cynical ass was unimpressed because it's obvious that the democratic party doesn't serve as a good alternative to the republican party. They're always kowtowing and trying to appeal to the Archie Bunkers of America.

Why is this voting bloc so sought after? They're miserably dumb and have no business voting. It's one thing to be ignorant and open to different ideas but it's a whole 'nother thing to be shamelessly ignorant and stubborn. I really think IQ tests should be a part of voter registration. We've gotta weed out the bullshit. We can't be upset with sorry politicians when idiots keep putting them back in office. Call me psychic, but I had an inkling that we were in for some real shit when Bush stole the first election. Unfortunately, the Johnny-come-lately asses are starting to realize that Bush is a miserable failure.

When the presidential election turns into some high school popularity contest, you know we have a serious problem. The thing about this particular popularity contest is that it's being conducted by the bitter, least likely to succeed students. You know the types. They're the ones who are mocking Obama for being healthy (orange juice vs. coffee, taste for arugula, being fit). They're the idiots who can't relate to an overachieving, Ivy League-educated (half) Black American man from humble beginnings that recently paid off his student loans but can relate to an underachieving, Ivy League-educated White American blue blood dolt. They're the idiots that get riled up over gay rights rather than abject poverty and piss-poor school systems. They're the idiots that still think that there are WMDs to be found. They're the idiots that believe that Osama and Saddam were in cahoots when they're fundamentally polar opposites of one another. They're the idiots that question Obama's "American roots" because of his tanned skin and African name as if White skin and European names are historically American.

Whatever happened to priorities? Don't you want the next generation to have it better? Shouldn't our schools be on par with one another? Don't you wanna breathe in air that you can't see? Is the idea of fresh water not sexy enough? Why does a lapel pin made in China mean so much? Whatever happened to holding the government accountable for the economy? Why vilify illegal immigrants when it is greedy US employers that are passing up Americans for them? (And let's not forget that there are Americans who believe that they are above the work that illegal immigrants do) With that (il)logic, I guess Indians should be vilified cuz they are killing the customer service game right now.

You know, I actually do understand why the Archie Bunker voting bloc is sought after --- political exploitation. Ignorant and fearful people are easily manipulated by their emotions. You see how politicians treat them. They're not spoken to or treated as adults. They appeal to the Archie Bunker types' senses by hitting up bars and throwing back a few shots. Politicians feel the need to adopt the vernacular of Archie Bunker. Politicians feel the need to discuss moral fiber and faith ad nauseam. The issues don't seem to take center stage too often. They're too occupied with trying to convince Archie Bunker that they're just like them when they're not.

Politicians (and conservative media) have a major role in dumbing down the Archie Bunker voting bloc by not speaking honestly and accurately on the aforementioned issues. The political scene is a lot like the mainstream rap scene in a sense --- they're both in the business of retarding their audience cuz they've got their own agenda. But when the hell is the audience gonna wake and realize that they're being taken for a ride?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u know thats a large voting block folk

Anonymiss said...

@ Torrance -
Yeah, I know and that's scary considering that they've determined the victor in the last two elections.

IGOD777 said...

Good piece.

maoquai said...

Taking an IQ test that has been proved to be racially slanted toward white folks? I know, the details...but i worry with all the idiots out there that someone may actually take this seriously - like they did with the whole "No polling places! Americans can just do it by mail!" But let's face it: who gets to own a home in this country? Who can afford to stay in one place for more than a year at a time? Not our marginalized populations. By far. On the fly, it was a neat idea, but at its root, it's deeply troubled and heavily imbued with race and poverty politics.

Anonymiss said...


OK. I see what you're saying about the slant that IQ tests have been found to have. Still I'd prefer that some type of a common sense assessment be given before approving voter registration. If you don't know what's going on, you should stay home and not vote.

I watched 20/20 this past weekend and they had a segment with random people who didn't know the number of US states and some thought that Roe v. Wade was about either bankruptcy or segregation. I find that scary.