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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Young Woman Killed Over a Bruised Ego

Teen shot after rebuffing advances dies
Mildred Beaubrun's family wants to find the man who shot her after she rejected advances.

RIP Mildred.

Susan Jacobson Sentinel Staff Writer
June 4, 2008

Mildred Beaubrun's family celebrated her final birthday, her 19th, with cards and balloons at her bedside Sunday at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Two days later, the young woman, who was shot after she rebuffed the advances of several men who spotted her at a downtown Orlando gas station last month, was declared brain-dead and removed from life support.

Beaubrun's mother, grandmother and aunt stood beside her, stroking her hair and hands, crying and praying as the machines were turned off. Now, they want the public's help in tracking down her killers.

"I let her know: Thank you -- thank you for being here," said Beaubrun's aunt, Margaret Francis of Marietta, Ga. "It's going to be all right. She's in God's hands."

Beaubrun of west Orange County and two girlfriends were accosted early May 19 after a night of partying at Club Firestone. As they left a 7-Eleven on Colonial Drive after buying gas and something to drink, three or four men in a silver or gray Chevrolet HHR followed their dark-blue Nissan Maxima.

"Hey, baby, what's your phone number?" they called out as the cars headed west.

At John Young Parkway and Princeton Street, a bullet ripped through the door of the Maxima and shrapnel struck Beaubrun, who was sitting in the back seat. She had been fighting for her life ever since, losing part of a lung, beating back pneumonia and suffering potentially paralyzing spinal damage.

In the end, her injuries were too severe. She died about 1 p.m. Tuesday, her family said.

"Every day was a struggle," Francis said. "She was fighting to be here."
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This breaks my heart. This young girl was killed. And over what? A fucking bruised ego? Who failed those little boys that holla'd her? Who didn't teach them to take rejection like men? Why is it OK to kill over rejection which was terribly misconstrued as disrespect? Why do women have to handle men so delicately as if they're a ticking time bomb?

I used to just shake my head at my friends who would oh so politely turn down an unrelenting guy who wanted their number (read as "ass"). They did so in order to not be called a "bitch." I'm not like them. I hate giving out fake numbers. I hated lying about having a man (now I have one and it's the same unrelenting behavior). They don't let up when you tell them you're involved: "We can be friends." "Well, does he allow you to have friends?" "Are you faithful?" "Is he faithful?" Why can't I reject some sex-thirsty clown that acts like that? You're acting desperately and I'm supposed to want you? Huh?

I've been called a "bitch" and "stuck-up" for refusing the advances of jackasses who would interfere with my personal space, grab my arm, hit me with a host of questions regarding my relationship, or yell out "Ay you, with the tight jeans on!" or "Ay you, with the big ass." That's very attractive. I mean, why wouldn't I wanna give you the goods after that? *Sighs* This is the reason I wear a "'FUCK OUT MY FACE" scowl when I'm at the unofficial singles venue (read as "outside of my home"). My friends act like I'm bugging when I put up a shield but this act of madness and the aforementioned behavior warrant my actions.

I don't know what's in the water these days, but we've got a new brand of jackasses that can't handle rejection. Especially when in the company of their boys. What are women to do about street harrassment? Should we handle these fools delicately? Seems like being insulted is the very least that can be done.


UPDATE: Mildred Beaubrun passes on
Mildred Braeburn: Rest In Peace for Sticking to Your Principles


LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

This story is really seriously sad. The men in florida are really something else. I've learned to take a more pleasant approach to turning them down because I don't want them attacking me.

Anonymiss said...

So it really is that deep? Oh my.