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Friday, May 2, 2008

Jay-Z Creates Trust Fund for Sean Bell's Children

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z Establishes Trust for Sean Bell's Children
By Houston Williams

Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has established an educational trust for the children of Sean Bell, the unarmed African-American man who was shot and killed by police on the day he was to be married. Sources have confirmed with that Jay-Z is working closely with Nicole Paultre Bell, Sean Bell's widow, to institute the trust funds for both of their children. Nicole Bell appeared prominently in Jay-Z’s Rocawear "I Will Not Lose" advertising campaign with images that caused indignation within the NYPD's Benevolent Association. The process began prior to the not guilty verdict for three police officers accused of slaying Sean Bell. A well-informed source close to the matter told that Nicole Bell’s lawyers didn’t want to initiate any activity during the trial.
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I am so touched by this cuz the Sean Bell verdict is still breaking my heart. This is a really beautiful thing. Much much props to Jay. A fine example of Hip Hop doing good deeds :-)


focusedpurpose said...

hip hop must do good on behalf of black women. this goodness is born of the concern for a black man. hip hop and jay z personally have done great damage to the black collective. jay z has no problem with violence against black women. there is a video of him striking a sister while a gang of black men looked on doing nothing. but then i am sure he had a good reason. just as these cops maintain they had a good reason. the truth---there are no good reasons for this type of senseless violence.

if you are in a relationship where there is a lot of bad and a little good, what's that called? this is the sad state of affairs with this so-called new hip hop.

i am happy to see brothers helping one another. now if they could do right, collectively, by black women we could be onto something!

thanks for your interesting blog. i enjoy your work. thanks for letting me share.

blessings sis,
focusedpurpose said...

I had no idea that he had set up a trust fund for Sean's kids. It warms my heart to hear something positive coming from hip hop artists for a change. We all need to follow his example be a little kinder to each other

BLKSeaGoat said...

If only Jay-Z would set-up trust funds for the lives his genre of music has destroyed.

Now THAT would be gangsta. I'm sorry if I'm being a hater, but Jay-Z is still trifling to me.

Anonymiss said...

@ BLKSeaGoat,
How blame-worthy is Hip Hop in comparison to a government, school systems, organized religiions, and families that fail today's youth?

Granted, a lot of the music is bad and is embraced by far too many young people, but the aforementioned groups have the greater influence.

These are the days when parents plop their kids in front of TVs instead of raising them. Our wonderful president believes that it's sensible to continue defunding education. We've got members of organized religions that retard their communities, pass judgment on "heathens," turn a blind eye when priests molest young boys, and justify terroristic actions.

ListenToLeon said...

I was just about to respond to blkseagoat and say that you can't blame music for single-handedly destroying lives...but I see Anonymiss beat me to it.

I'm glad that Jay Z is doing this, because what happened to Sean Bell was a tragedy, and the resulting verdict of the officers was a travesty of justice.