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Monday, January 21, 2008

DON'T Hire These Movers

I know some of you in the NY metro area have seen these bargain movers ads posted all over the place promising low rates. Some signs say "Moving $17" and some say "Moving $25." But most of them are offering $20 rates just like the ad I provided. I figured that I'd give them a try back in October when I moved from the Bronx to Manhattan. They never showed.

I called them like 3 to 4 days before moving day to set up an appointment. After everything was set up, I still felt like it was too good to be true so I called everyday before moving day to confirm my appointment. Everyday they said "Yes ma'am your appointment still stands." This teaches me to go with my gut next time. My cheap ass kept fighting my instincts, LOL!

Come Saturday morning, they're a no-call, no-show. As you can imagine, I was PISSED. I was scrambling looking through the yellow pages trying to find last-minute movers and luckily I did. I contacted those $20 movers and they said that they didn't have a truck ready and that the price would go up on the move. I reminded them about the ad and they didn't wanna honor their own ad. Plus, I called them several times and they didn't pick up the phone except for once so that they could hang up on me. I left them a nasty message threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I did try to report them to the BBB but they weren't recognized on their site. This also teaches me to do my homework next time.

Since I couldn't report them, I'll use this blog as a means to forewarn anyone looking for a bargain and/or a last move with that company. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.